Saturday, March 14, 2009

Travelling Thoughts...

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be venturing back to the motherland, Italy..and hopefully stopping by Spain,Croatia, and Serbia this summer. The super challenging thing about travelling seems to be packing wisely. My shoes alone last summer consisted of: A pair of black patent leather L'autre Chose flats, a white pair of Birkenstock thongs , a brown leather pair of gladiators from Aldo, White leather Converse 3 velcro strap pair, a pair of flip flops, and then i picked up another pair of brown flats at the market. SIX pairs of shoes!!! that is insane! except..i did use them all, well, the ones i picked up were totally unnecessary. SO for this summer, and spring/summer shopping: I must not get carried away, and only purchase neutral essentials that will be versatile so I'm able to condense what I bring.

And so i will online browse, and figure out what I really NEED. There is no sense in spending a ton of money this summer on things that i won't be able to take with me anyway. SO instead of quantity, it will be about quality!! (which means fewer, but nicer things..and i think i can deal with that) and also versatility is key: ex. i dont need black, white and brown sandals if i can buy a nice pair of neutral sandals: Something like this perhaps -
(The reason i chose Birkenstocks: They are good for your feet, most streets in Italy are cobble stone, and my white ones have been through hell and back and still look great!)
These sandals offer comfort, stability (mine were similar minus the extra support strap on the back) and the design of them is really nice and current!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last summer I spent about 3 months in Italy, and I went to my dads hometown a handful of times during my trip. My dads town is a place called Civitanova, in the region of Marche (basically its the middle right of the boot, right on the Adriatic coast) anywayyy...! It's amazing for a few things, one being the beach, the other being the SHOPPING! There are oodles of awesome stores, albeit, many are quite unaffordable on my student budget...

But his town is also great because there are many factory outlets there including TODS and Fornarina. So about a month ago I bought a black leather jacket because my brown one wasn't as practical.. and I settled on one from ZARA. When I was in Italy this summer though... there was this leather jacket that I so badly wanted at the price tag of about 220Euros... approx 340 Canadian... sooo as much as i loveddd this jacket, after 3 months of gallivanting.. i was dirt poor, so needless to say no jacket.
And now, scrolling through the website (when i should be doing homework or sleeping) i find this: or

so fricken tragic.. I mean, I like my leather jacket and all, but this, this jacket was my soul mate, trying it on in both Florence and Civitanova, I knew it was the ONE. but my funds bet me up..
sooo, I guess i'll just have to buy another black leather jacket on my next trip back to Italy..which is in t-minus 4 months: ahhh!

xoxo (ps. Gossip Girl is back on next week!! wooo woo, can't wait to see what the Upper East Side bitches will be wearing)