Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana Time commercial

Can I just say how much I love this commercial? Yes? Okay, I love this for so many reasons;
1. Hot models
2. Spectacular clothes
3. The concept of the commercial is "Molto carinooooo" as we say here in Italy and the end is kinda quirky

I'm guessing we don't have this commercial in Canada.. so enjoy :)

And upon searching for this one, I also found another from D&G Time that I liked as well (not sure what year it's from the video was posted in 2007 on Youtube):

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Jusss LOVE em!

Boots Boots Booties! Pleasies!
Alll I wanttt for Christttmassss isss youuuu (and MacBook) hehe:

It was love at first sight with these Burberry Fall/Winter 09 Boots... I know a lot of hardwear is in right now (I Looooove the Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 09 line-up of boots), but I think it's the simplicity of this boot and its undeniable wickedness without being too trendy that really appeals to me !
Here's a pic of some boots from Wang:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Travel Blues

Lyon, France

When travelling with all your clothing options limited to what can fit into one suitcase, I find it easiest if I carry mostly basics with a few interesting pieces like a fringed purse or a leapord scarf to make my outfit.  It can be really discouraging to want to always look your best when catching flights from point a to z, and always having to think ahead of time about what you'll be wearing.  So I went ahead and tried to solve this problem by keeping it light and since I'm travelling... what the hell? I might as well do some shopping while I'm at it and buy whatever I feel I'm missing. Budget?? I blew through mine a longg time ago ;) oops.

Jeans: Nudies
Leather Jacket: Zara
Purse: Aldo
Leather Boots: Market in Italy
Scarf & Necklace: H&M

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love for Metal & Grunge

I <3 Alice Dellal 

Makin style

Much Music VJ Top 8 Contestant Liz Trinner showing she knows how to have a good time! This babe consistently looks amazing.  It's hard to always be original when keeping with the trends and lusting after the season's must have items, but Liz never fails to impress with her unique style and her original and wicked personality!
Watch Liz's Much VJ entry video and see what I mean:
Good luck girl!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little Canadian Vist

Ugh!! What a weekend! Went something like this:

Wednesday I had 2 exams and right after I bused off to Rome where I spent the night in a hostel. (Walking around Rome in the dark by myself made me feel really vulnerable, and gave me such a danger rush!) I woke up at the crack of dawn and made my way to the train station and took a half hour ride to Fiumicino Airport.  I was pretty early (better to be early than miss the plane, especially since all the panic I delt with about my tix not arriving in time!!), so I checked in and handed over my bag that contained basically my whole summer wardrobe (I was bringing a bunch of stuff home so I wouldn't have to deal with it all in December) which included every pair of shorts I own and all my favorite sandals, a pair of vans, my brand new 200euro Tod's flats, my new Zara heels and a few others as well as my amazing boots I picked up (and had planned on wearing that weekend). Inside was all my makeup, perfume, phone charger etc etc etc.  You get the idea rightt?! So I arrived in Toronto after a grueling and painfully slow 10 hour flight...the closer we got the more anxious I got! I couldn't believe I hadn't been home in over 3 months!!

I jetted out of the plane and went to wait for my one piece of luggage...But it didn't come.  Alitalia said they had accidentally left a whole container of suitcases in Rome and assured me that I would be delivered to my house the following day just after 6pm. which was Friday night.. Well it is now Tuesday night, and I am back in Italy, without having a clue as to where my suitcase aka half my life is!!

Well that put a damper on things, but I did go out Thursday night to dinner with the whole fam to The Keg, which, for those of you who know me well, know it's my favorite restaurant.. Filet Mignon, 3 cheese butter and frizz! mmmmm

After dinner I called up my best homegirl and we headed to Strangelove to mingle and dance with friends, and incidentally came home at such an obscene hour we got caught in standstill morning traffic beside men wearing suits and ties. UGH! I went to bed for approximately 2 and a half hours before I was woken by my mom to go shopping... I didn't really buy anything since compared to the shopping here in Italy, absolutely nothinggg (except the most amazing Louboutin heels heels) excited me.  And what a tragedy, especially when you have the opportunity to con momma-dearest into buying something pretty for her nomad daughter! (Actually, I think they have done quite enough for me, I'd probably feel like I was robbing them if I took anymore!)
After walking around Yorkdale mall, I met up with my sister to go to Vaughan Mills mall and check out the new and HUGE Forever21.  The clothing there didn't excited me, but they did inspire my costume for that night...a burlesque dancer!! Yes, I don't think I have ever used Halloween as an opportunity to dress skanky, so I thought I better do it before I got too old to even consider such a thing! Maryann and I went to a pre-party at a friends and headed out to a party to which we bought tickets.. Definitely a lack-luster evening.

Saturday however brought on the conversation of what to do with my cell phone since the charger was in my suitcase and it was dead...BUY A NEW ONE... OBVI!!
I was in need of a new one anyway (bringing your cell phone to the beach isn't a good idea with all the water around, as well as taking it to meet the toilet..), so instead of waiting 4 more weeks until I was home to get my new snazzy piece of technology, Saturday was the day: Hell yes to the iPhone! It's sexy.  My cutie father also brought me to shoppers to buy a mascara and eyeliner to hold me over until my suitcase was "definitely arriving Sunday morning." UH HUH!

Saturday night I ventured to London with my amazing friend Maddi.  We stayed over at my friend Dragana's place with her ridiculously sweet and super adorable friend Dalia.  Of course Maddi and I stopped by to pick up our favorite Pad Thai made in london. Seriously, if you love Pad Thai and find yourself hungry in London, Please, go there! No disappointments! Anyway: What a night! Hardly remember the details but it was great being back; felt like I hadn't ever left! And the next morning was made better with an amazing bacon & egger bagel from the Bagel Deli. With that, we said good-bye to London and the girls and headed home.  I stopped by my grandfather's house for a "quick" pop in that lasted an hour and a half.  Always something interesting when it come to him.  He gave me this beaded blazer to bring back to Italy.  My cousin had apparently left it there when she stayed for the summer.  I will definitely be posting a picture of it because it is the most detailed, amazing piece of art I have ever held in my hands! (I should say they lost that luggage too and steal it for myself.. uahaha). 

Sunday night I hung out with Iva and was so happy I got to see her before I left.  Another one of the best home has to offer :)  And so my crazy, sleepless weekend came to an end and I spent the next morning getting ready to jet off yet again.  (I really no longer envy the jet-set lifestyle of the rich and famous, I flew twice in 4 days and I'm nearly half dead).

So I'm back to Siena where it is way colder than Toronto and I'm glad I took my heavy down-filled parka back with me, because it will be much needed as it was today!
Hopefully new pictures will be posted soon! (As soon as a catch up on my sleep)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photos of the day: The Social fun!

Vintage Denim Jacket, Necklace Gift, T-Shirt dress Value Village and Purse from an Italian Market

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Partially Shaved Heads.. :)

What's your take on it?
Alice Dellal has been sporting this look for awhile:
Alice Dellal: Picture taken from
I did it last December:
And now singers like Cassie and Rihanna are following suit:
Cassie - Picture taken from
Rihanna - Picture taken from
Rihanna has been going shorter and shorter every time I see a new picture of her, so I suppose it was only to be expected as the next step; but like singer Cassie and myself, well, chop chop! Although, I will say, the greatest difference between these ladies and I: The $ and right people to put on extensions the second they decide they're bored of the look.. But for me, I think i'll just have to wait about 5 years until it all grows out! And I've decided to start now!! Wish me luck! ha!

Good Hair Day: ABA Fashion Show 09

What a crazy, busy weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo of the day: "Practice Safe Denim"

 My friend Rima is a godess! Just check out this photo and tell me I'm wrong !

What To Wear on...

The night of your bachelorette party!
* My beautiful sister Alessia on the night of her amazing bacelorette party

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just an Average Day at UWO.. .

A little photo shoot for the UWO Style Review Magazine :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Opinion on...

What's your opinion on glasses sans prescription or no lenses at all? Cool? Not Cool? Passé?

Channelling My Inner Madonna

We all love her, let's be honest! And while I have had the urge to throw on all white and a tu-tu, I've decided to stick with some black lace, a gold and silver necklace with dangling crosses, and a thick chain bracelet! With a short black mini and some killer shoes and accessories, I'm ready for a night out!

Lace top: Value Village
Black mini: Vintage
You can really find shoes like mine anywhere, I got them on a weekend trip to Florida, and if you don't always have the perfect accessories, ask a friend (the necklace was my roommates) !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Was a Sunny Day in Madrid

Travelling in the blistering heat has its downsides.  I mean aside from the great tan I got.. (a tan really does me wonders) it's hard to even try to look good.  I mean you're sweating, you are usually carrying a camera, money, other necessities... so who really wants all that extra weight of accessories, or great flowing hair that will eventually succumb to the pony-tail no matter how pretty and straight you got it!  Not to mention, being in a country where you'd think men have never seen a decent looking girl, in an effort to reduce the harassment as much as possible, I was looking rather Plain Jane *shudder*... Alas, I think i got it just right this one day: Instead of just a plain tank (something I would usually wear, the less coverage, the better in that heat!) I wore this lace and floral racer-back tank I picked up from the Top-Shop in Madrid.  Yes, there was a top-shop, and yes, I said f*%k my budget, this isn't something I can hold back on. It was basically all the accessory I needed since it was such a busy top.  So I paired it with some light jean shorts (anything dark will NOT do you any favours), and my white birkenstocks (basic flip-flops with no support will not be your friend when you are walking all day long) and a simple pair of neutral earings.  Finally, I actually felt good about taking a picture :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Strangers in the Night

My zio Rick :)
Cardi: Zara
Tank: Topshop
Jeans: Nudie
Purse: Aldo

La Bella Vita: In Italia !!

This is my cousin Monica! She always looks so put together and generally stays within natural tones and hues! Gotta love the shoes!!

The Euro is KillinG me :$

jUst cHillen oN a fEnce iN cIvitanova, mArche, iTaly

Has it made me go crazy?? Crazy that I can't afford to shop nearlyyy as much as I need to.
Top: Birthday Gift from Maryann (urban outfitters)
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Zara (copped those in Valencia)
It's really hard and sucks to have such a limitation of clothing to work with here. ho hum woe is me!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a night out on the town...

My roommate maddi and i hit the town for a night out..

Myself: t-shirt dress: Value Village $2.99; Feather Necklace: Christmas present from my brother; Knee socks: high school??; Vest: My friend Amanda cut up her mom's blouse!; Booties: Fornarina inspired Payless $25.00; Rings: Gold and white; inherited, black and gold, forever 21
Maddi: Tank: Garage; Skirt: American Apparel; Boots: Aldo

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Travelling Thoughts...

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be venturing back to the motherland, Italy..and hopefully stopping by Spain,Croatia, and Serbia this summer. The super challenging thing about travelling seems to be packing wisely. My shoes alone last summer consisted of: A pair of black patent leather L'autre Chose flats, a white pair of Birkenstock thongs , a brown leather pair of gladiators from Aldo, White leather Converse 3 velcro strap pair, a pair of flip flops, and then i picked up another pair of brown flats at the market. SIX pairs of shoes!!! that is insane! except..i did use them all, well, the ones i picked up were totally unnecessary. SO for this summer, and spring/summer shopping: I must not get carried away, and only purchase neutral essentials that will be versatile so I'm able to condense what I bring.

And so i will online browse, and figure out what I really NEED. There is no sense in spending a ton of money this summer on things that i won't be able to take with me anyway. SO instead of quantity, it will be about quality!! (which means fewer, but nicer things..and i think i can deal with that) and also versatility is key: ex. i dont need black, white and brown sandals if i can buy a nice pair of neutral sandals: Something like this perhaps -
(The reason i chose Birkenstocks: They are good for your feet, most streets in Italy are cobble stone, and my white ones have been through hell and back and still look great!)
These sandals offer comfort, stability (mine were similar minus the extra support strap on the back) and the design of them is really nice and current!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last summer I spent about 3 months in Italy, and I went to my dads hometown a handful of times during my trip. My dads town is a place called Civitanova, in the region of Marche (basically its the middle right of the boot, right on the Adriatic coast) anywayyy...! It's amazing for a few things, one being the beach, the other being the SHOPPING! There are oodles of awesome stores, albeit, many are quite unaffordable on my student budget...

But his town is also great because there are many factory outlets there including TODS and Fornarina. So about a month ago I bought a black leather jacket because my brown one wasn't as practical.. and I settled on one from ZARA. When I was in Italy this summer though... there was this leather jacket that I so badly wanted at the price tag of about 220Euros... approx 340 Canadian... sooo as much as i loveddd this jacket, after 3 months of gallivanting.. i was dirt poor, so needless to say no jacket.
And now, scrolling through the website (when i should be doing homework or sleeping) i find this: or

so fricken tragic.. I mean, I like my leather jacket and all, but this, this jacket was my soul mate, trying it on in both Florence and Civitanova, I knew it was the ONE. but my funds bet me up..
sooo, I guess i'll just have to buy another black leather jacket on my next trip back to Italy..which is in t-minus 4 months: ahhh!

xoxo (ps. Gossip Girl is back on next week!! wooo woo, can't wait to see what the Upper East Side bitches will be wearing)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


my mission for this weekend: thrifting, and find this vest or a coat and butcher somee sleeeeves!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


kkk, so i realized i kinda got ahead of myself with Alexander Wangs fall 09, because, well, spring has yet to begin and it would have been a sin for me to skip over his Spring 09 Ready-to-wear... so here are a few of my favs: Alice Dellal (my idol) wore the second number with the same shoes recently... if i can find it, i will post itt!! once again, the shoes may be my fav part!...But i could seriously wear anything and everything he creates straight off the runway! love love love