Saturday, January 31, 2009

something more appropriate for the weather...

2 years ago Stussy and Penfield did a lil collaboration, I saw someone wearing this jacket at Circa a couple weeks ago. 2 years later and I still think it's an awesome jacket. A great puffy, warm (unique) alternative to the Canada Goose jackets that have ransacked Toronto virtually overnight.
(i swear, last year i saw maybe 5 people wearing them all winter long, and the year before that no one!! ..and now :( ....)
(ps. it's a mens jacket, and that particular one belonged to my boyfriend at the time.. not that i don't tend to buy oversized puffy (CG) jackets myself)
The Penfield men's selection is wicked, while the women's is very limited... i'm pretty sure this jacket was in this month's Nylon issue..

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