Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a land far, far away...

So reading week is coming up for a lot of people! lucky ducks that get to go on vaca to a nice warm location... for those of you going somewhere cold, i'm NOT jealous! :)
BUT for those of you in the sun... here of some pics of me on past vacations to italy and florida!
1. I got that hat at a Wallgreens! soo cute!
2. Out for dinner in San Remo, Italy... paired that with some brown gladiator sandels
3. Head scarves and icecream! essentials!
4. Beach coverup and multi-coloured sunglasses (steal from boyfriend if you must)
5. Stay hyrdated!! No one wants to go to the hopital for heat stroke!!
Bon Voyageeee, bring me back some sun, plz n THANKS!

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