Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Was a Sunny Day in Madrid

Travelling in the blistering heat has its downsides.  I mean aside from the great tan I got.. (a tan really does me wonders) it's hard to even try to look good.  I mean you're sweating, you are usually carrying a camera, money, other necessities... so who really wants all that extra weight of accessories, or great flowing hair that will eventually succumb to the pony-tail no matter how pretty and straight you got it!  Not to mention, being in a country where you'd think men have never seen a decent looking girl, in an effort to reduce the harassment as much as possible, I was looking rather Plain Jane *shudder*... Alas, I think i got it just right this one day: Instead of just a plain tank (something I would usually wear, the less coverage, the better in that heat!) I wore this lace and floral racer-back tank I picked up from the Top-Shop in Madrid.  Yes, there was a top-shop, and yes, I said f*%k my budget, this isn't something I can hold back on. It was basically all the accessory I needed since it was such a busy top.  So I paired it with some light jean shorts (anything dark will NOT do you any favours), and my white birkenstocks (basic flip-flops with no support will not be your friend when you are walking all day long) and a simple pair of neutral earings.  Finally, I actually felt good about taking a picture :D