Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Partially Shaved Heads.. :)

What's your take on it?
Alice Dellal has been sporting this look for awhile:
Alice Dellal: Picture taken from
I did it last December:
And now singers like Cassie and Rihanna are following suit:
Cassie - Picture taken from
Rihanna - Picture taken from
Rihanna has been going shorter and shorter every time I see a new picture of her, so I suppose it was only to be expected as the next step; but like singer Cassie and myself, well, chop chop! Although, I will say, the greatest difference between these ladies and I: The $ and right people to put on extensions the second they decide they're bored of the look.. But for me, I think i'll just have to wait about 5 years until it all grows out! And I've decided to start now!! Wish me luck! ha!

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