Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot! Some I got, Some I want!

Zara purse

Mimosa Suede boots
Zara Sheepskin Jacket
J Brand Agnes coated denim

Zara Purse: Only $69.90 (I'll take 3 at that price please!)
Mimosa boots: on sale for $278.40 (I paid $348.00 :( since I bought them in August... oo well)
Zara sheepskin jacket: $399, expensive but amazing if you have some extra shopping dough
J Brand Agnes coated denim: Around $300 CDN (if you can, grab a pair of these in the States, selling only for $260 there!!) They fit like a glove and are my new favourites... anddd they look GREAT with my Mimosa boots! 

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